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The '''Scottish History Society''' is a text publication society founded in 1886, as part of the late 19th-century revival in interest in Scottish national identity. The Society was founded as a result of a letter from the Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery|Earl of Rosebery (later to serve as Prime Minister, from 1894–95), published in ''The Scotsman'' on 3 February 1886, and Rosebery became the first President of the Society. The first president of the Society defined its work as "the humble and unobtrusive task of letting everyman know, in so far as in us lies, and so far as documentary evidence exists, how our forebears lived and worked and carried on the business of their country in their separate spheres." The Society has a council of scholars representing most of the universities in Scotland and some beyond, as well as other institutions.
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